Dirty Rotten LIBOR Prediction

The following is a rotten prediction based on the LIBOR Scandal. It is “rotten” becuase it has huge implications not just for the US Presidential elections but also for worldwide governance. And the situation is not pretty.

First take a look at the LIBOR Scandal here:

The whole problem is this. If banks and Financial Institutions are willing to manipulate the LIBOR rate that underlies the over $350trillion in loans, mortgages, commercial paper and derivatives as they have done from 2007 through to 2010 or later what is to prevent them from manipulating other commodity markets like gold, oil, corn futures, etc.  What is the evidence – all circumstantial so far.
First, there is the fact that many markets have gone highly computerized including as much as 70-80% of the stock trading orders.
Second, many of the commodity, bond, and derivative markets have gone “shadow – they are not done on public exchanges where buy, sell, and contractual condistions have to be recorded and made public in a timely fashion.
Third, there have been enough incidents in stock. oil, gold and other commodity trading to raise questions on how those events could have occurred.
Fourth, the Financial community is lobbying strenuously to prevent the various shadow and derivative markets from being a)made more open and regulated  as proposed by Dodd Frank and b)from their beeing cut off from being able to trade therein.
Fifth, we have established Motive and Means, there is big Money in these Bankster Shadow  gambling casinos which they get to control and get `muppets`to come and be fleeced under a false sense of Fiduciary Trust protection.

Count on this LIBOR Scandal to be just the tip of the iceberg . And so if the prediction is true, the Financial Earthquake will be a 10 on the Financial Disaster Scale – beware of the markets then.

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