Hey USA You’re In NRA’s Killer Lottery

“Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend Plans?” was the tweet posted on the NRA’s American Rifleman account this morning 7 hours after the horrific mass killings in Aurora Colorado. But  NRAman could  have just as easily tweeted“Hey USA, you are in the NRA Power Bang Killer Lottery whether you like it or not”.  Quickly after the Aurora Colorado massacre, the first call was that Gun Control or Carry Permits would not stop Mass Murders. And neither President Obama nor Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney dared to take on the issue of gun control.  And the tenor of There Will Be No Gun Control Changes quickly has become the prevalent idea across most media. The Conclusion –  the USA is married to the NRA + the Second Amendment.  So America, You are in the NRA Power Bang Killer Lottery whether you like it or not.

Consequences of the NRA Killer Lottery

Here is the list of mass murders in the US for the past 5 years:
July 20 2012 – Aurora CO 12 killed 59 wounded
January 08, 2011 Tucson AR 6 killed 18 wounded
November 05, 2009 – Fort Hood Texas 13 killed, 32 wounded
April 05, 2009,- Binghampton NY 13 killed 6 wounded
March 10 2009,   Kinston Alabama 10 killed 1 wounded
April 10,2007 – Virginia Tech VA 32 killed and many wounded

Here is the Map of Murders and the use of weapons in crime in the US:

Go to the Guardian site for a much more detailed explanation of the situation – there are surprises.

Here is the cost to state and locall government for  Administration of Justice

2008 Expenditure including  Police + Prisons for  State+ Local  in $ Billions
 Stae+Local in $billions 593,.9498.9 116,.5 62.9103.3 1,375.6
 % of total 43.1% 35.6% 8.5% 4.6% 7.5% 100%

Note that expenditure on Police and Prisons is nearly double that of Highways and nearly matches that of Hospitals and Health. And like in the case of the Federal Government below, it is one of the fastest growing cost for state and local governments.

Growth in Fedral Expenditure on Administration of Justice

Growth 1990 to 2011 – Federal Expenditures
Category1990 in $B2011 in $B% Growth
Admin of Justice10.260.7595%

Only the notoriously expensive Healthcare expenditures have grown faster than the Cost of Justice in the US.


I could agree with the NRA member who said the cost of the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms is  “we have to deal with Fruit Loops from time to time”.  Its just that the NRA appears to be aiding and abating the Fruit Loops by stridently resisting any bans on semi-automatic weapons, any bans on large and automated gun clips, and any bans on required training for handling/using firearms. Who goes hunting with a semi-automatic weapon with huge automated bullet clips besides Fruit Loops and criminals?

Worse, the NRA insists it supports Law Enforcement and controlling the misuse of firearms. Then why does the NRA adamantly oppose microstamping? This proven technology puts two small, but  unique identifiers on each gunshell primer and casing greatly aiding police in tracking down which weapons were used in a murder or other incident where weapons were used. Microstamping does not prevent hunters from hunting but it surely aids in identifying criminal use of firearms. In sum, USA, you are not only enrolled in the NRA’s Killer Power Bang Lottery like 6-year old Veronica Moser killed in Aurora Colorado, but you are at the mercy of an NRA that mouths controlled use of firearms but works fiercely against any practical  measures to mitigate irresponsible use of guns. Hey, its the growing price of being American – only Healthcare costs are growing faster. And also it is just one of the prices of allegiance to the NRA.

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