GOP Bought Out by NRA, NBD

The New York Times has done the leg work to show how the GOP lawmakers have been bought by the NRA in both Houses of Congress. The list is of the top ten beneficiaries of NRA money first in the Senate and then in the House of Representatives. The layout is telling. First is a thumbnail portrait of each lawmaker. Next to that is the lawmakers statements of condolences for the Las Vegas Massacre. That is punctuated by the amount of funding each lawmaker has received from the NRA over the years:

This is not Fake News but rather the telling facts of Congressional practice on No Gun Control. This look at the GOP sellout is supported by numerous sources including and its detailed reports on the spending by the gun lobby. It also underlines the thriving Gun Culture in the USA. But what is worse is the fact that a majority of rank and file NRA members support basic gun control measures like comprehensive background checks. Finally, proof of the subversion of Popular Will is the fact that most gun owners are not NRA members and  this gun owner majority support complete background checks on gun purchasers. So  the NRA as a vocal minority is undermining the will of the  majority in a powerful display of perverse  political financial leverage.

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