Daily Facts: Trust in US Financial Institutions

Each quarter the Kellogg School of Northwestern University and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business do a survey of  more than 1,000 American households examining the trust in US Financial institutions. The latest results for June 2012 are labelled Too Big To Trust. The Stock Market has the lowest confidence level at 15% matched at the same 15% level by  large corporations. The big surprise is that Banks have the highest level of trust at 27%. But that is because the Banks data is buoyed by Credit Unions at  63% confidence and Local Banks at 52% confidence level. However National Banks saw their confidence level drop from March 2012  25% to 23% for June 2012. What would be interesting to see what is the trust level for Insurance Companies and Healthcare providers. Note that  these numbers are down in the Trust for  Congress regions. In general, these are not  healthy readings for US private institutions  broadly speaking.

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