Presidential Race: Its Over

NYTimes/CBS Poll Results in crucial swing states point to a comfortable Obama/Biden lead

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Huffington Post does the electoral vote count

The US Presidential Election is over.The numbers above at the end of September tell the story – in all the swing states Obama/Biden own a commanding lead The Huffington Post election widget shows the projected margin of victory.  The debates will at best for Romney\Ryan saw off even. Barring a Fail Mary Touchdown Pass the election has been decided – likely by the 47%-ers.

But the problems of fractious and hostile US Governance with rancid and sabotaging  voting by a GOP always NO Congressional voting  will be still crippling the ability of government to be effective. The only way that can be accomplished is to turn out the GOP in Congress.Much more likely is crossover votes will be for Obama/Biden but Congressional and Senate votes will be for the GOP to “keep the Democrats  honest”. Given what has happened over the past 3 years in Congress since GOP won Scott Brown Senate seat and then 2010 Congress – more of the same federal gridlock is on tap. Maybe an Obama win is Pyhrric.

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