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Thank you for taking the trouble to look me up. You will know right away if I am who you think I am: certainly not the same person you knew maybe 30 years ago.  If my ideas are of any use to you I hope you will spread them to others.
This profile was updated on April 24, 2013.  The photo is from March 2012. My looks have certainly not improved since then but the degeneration process has not proceeded very far either so I see no reason to have another one taken.
 Attempting to use Google to contribute my creativity and experience to help build a grass roots progressive movement that has a chance of making our world a better place. I am on a fixed income and never donate money to anything. What I am trying to do is offer you some information to use in your work to serve your fellow humans and maybe save the planet while we are at it.
Friends have asked me to include animals in this quest and indeed I do but my priorities remain with our brothers and sisters everywhere who suffer under the oppression of the ruling elite. These enemies of humanity recognize no national boundaries in their greed and we should take that one example as the only one we take from them. Whether we have realized it or not, we are citizens of the world and It is our responsibility to make sure the children inherit a clean, safe and peaceful world from us. I wish the same for your children also, wherever you live, whatever nationality.

As you’ll notice, my stream is mainly used for progressive politics.  My rules are pretty simple.  No name calling and please try to avoid labels. This is an exchange of ideas to build a progressive movement, not a forum to trot out all your credentials and judge the methods and priorities of other progressives. This needs to be said to people who consider themselves the first and only progressives and who make it a habit to attack the methods and priorities of other progressives. Usually these individuals are only simple trolls and are easy to block. But some old timers get an inflated idea of their contribution and like to lord it over the so-called “newbies”. If we hope to win anything in the fight for survival in this world we have first to stop eating our young, Let people learn before you go on the attack.
I do not engage trolls, libertarians or any other neocon vermin. If you get your jingles out of insulting others or getting an angry reaction, don’t bother to try to infest my stream.  You just get blocked, sooner rather than later.
People who only want some stimulating banter would be better served by Facebook or one of the other predatory sites.
The one criterion I use when choosing people to circle is: could this person be useful to a grass roots movement in order to free the working class from oppression?
Some rough talk goes with the progressive movement. I am also outraged at the behavior of neocons and frustrated by the frightened majority which appears to be paralyzed by the influence of the presstituted media. However I’m asking you to try to keep it a little bit clean for the gentle people who visit my streams hoping to find some help.
I have been quite remiss myself with regard to careful posting recently and resolve to clean up my language a little and to avoid posting when I am sleep deprived. I have found that posting in a non-optimal state requires me to apologize to others the next day and that is counter-productive to my purposes here on Google+.
It is my policy to separate any and all religious beliefs from politics.  There is no place for religious dogma in government. My posts do, however deal with morality that is universal to all belief systems.
I will mute you for making fun of my religious friends. Since I consider any form of evangelizing a precursor to colonial invasion, for me religious talk has no place in a progressive stream. That warning  includes my atheist friends who can be just as annoying as any evangelist by trying to convince (themselves and) others that their way of seeing the universe is the only one. A person’s religion is private and I expect my religious pals to STFU about their meditation habits and dogmas on my streams.  That is what your own streams are for.
I laugh at and often encourage jokes about fundamentalism and other extreme expressions of organized religion but do not tolerate hurtful remarks based on the assumption that if someone recognizes a higher power or subscribes to spiritual hypotheses which can be reflected in their posts, that they have to be somehow lacking in reason.
So the rule here is brotherhood.  Respect for others is one way to express it.  My working hypothesis is that we are all interconnected and my happiness is dependent on yours.  We are citizens of the world and masters of nobody and no thing. We are caretakers of this planet and have a responsibility to future generations to leave our planet more beautiful than we have found it.
Also, I anthropomorphize companion animals. Deal with it.

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