Will Sony Wearable Watch Win More Users?

Uncharacteristically, Apple has let a lot leak about its undelivered iWatch. Perhaps this leakage was motivated by all the Me-Too blunderbussing about iOS7. Whatever the cause, Sony is taking a riff from Samsung and extolling the virtues of  its already released SmartWatch with a series of ads that say in Samsung Galaxy fashion – look what is already here:
SmartWatch Promo

SmartWatch came out a year ago and after a shaky start has managed to garner some good reviews. The consensus is that the price at $100, the  200 or so apps plus  features like clip on watch bands make SmartWatch popular with its users.  Its Bluetooth interface to some Android phone[if you are on this list you are golden for syncing with your Android phone] make it attractive because on the go you can see the text messages, tweets, email notices etc that you might miss otherwise. Also there are Calendar and Fitness apps that users have singled out as praiseworthy.

The SmartWatch resembles the Apple iPod Nano but its 128 x 128 display is 1/4 the area of the 256 x 256 pixel Nano. Its 3 day power up cycle gets mixed reviews; but there is consensus that 12.8mm thickness leaves many calling the watch bulky. However, given the Forrester study that says wearable devices is untapped territory with 30% of users indicating buying interest, Sony will not be alone with Apple and Samsung on tap among others to enter the Watch as Computing Wearable race in the next quarter.

Wearable Computing

Here is the low down on wearable computing devices:

Where Computing Is Most Likey To Be Worn

Now you may disagree with these Forrester Study results [as might Google with glasses having only 12% acceptance rate], but all the gadget vendors are looking for unblemished frontier marketshare and  opportunity for their computing devices. And so Wearable has their attention. Note the 28% acceptance level for wrist  devices and 29% acceptance for clip on computing devices. The Sony SmartWatch already comes with a clip on attachment and Sony has strongly hinted that it will be introducing a new SmartWatch 2 at the Mobile Asia Expo 2013 in Shanghai June 26-28. So Watch Ware first appeared to be another Apple innovation victory walk in the park with iWatch; but it now appears to be a highly watchable consumer electronics Dodge City Shoot-out and Dustup. Enjoy!

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