Who is the Crooked One?

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Original image – Daily Journalist

An MBA Buddy and Your Editor were discussing today another Day of Maximum Chaos courtesy of the Trump White House Demolition Derby Team.Donald Trump started the rollback of Wall Street Financial Regulations to the pre-Great Recession days of 2002 to 2008 under the George Bush Administration. We considered which was the “best” rollback:

  1. Rolling back Dodd-Frank is this your favorite Trump Executive Order Today?
  2. Or curbing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau so Banks have free reign again on financial dirty tricks?
  3. Or was it trashing the Volcker rule so the Too-Big-To-Fail Banks could massively mis-invest and then have John. Q. Public again pick up the tab  with all Wall Street Executives still holding a Do-Not-Go-To-Jail card?
  4. Or my personal favorite, canceling the Fiduciary Rule before it gets started so now those Bad Hombres from Wells Fargo can legally defraud their Financial Investor customers as well the Banking ones?

Is this just a little  Baseball-bat Bashing Financial Murder in Wall Street Style? Or is it a little quid quo pro Рnow the Blind Trust Trump Sons of Bullyboy are not going to have any trouble getting Money from the Street whenever and however much Trump Inc thinks he needs.

Yes indeed the Muslim Travel Ban and Building a Mexican-paid-for Wall have a new rival in the pantheon of Chaos and Crookedness. And you thought Hillary Clinton was the Crooked One.

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