Bernie Sanders Financing Missteps

Bernie Sanders Money Gathering operation has couple of major missteps.

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First, as a donator to Bernie’s Campaign, I have received over half a dozen requests to contribute again. This past week I got an emessage from asking for a donation. But that domain has just been registered in June of this year as a Panamanian domain. So I did not send the suggested $20 donation. Rather, I sent to Bernie’s campaign an email alert about my info being hacked stating what had happened –  and that the hackers new my name, telephone number, and previous contribution.What was the campaign going to do?

I have not received any reply from Bernie’s campaign. Instead I received a request to fill in a survey which at the end had a survey question asking how much I was going to donate. BzzzNO to Faiz Shakir, Bernie’s Campaign Manager. This is just a disgusting reminder of what I and many others loathe in campaign politics – being manipulated by the political elites to donate, donate, donate. Sure, Trumpian loyalists love to pay $15 for ten plastic straws. But any suggestion, that I am being conned in political grifter style by anyone who wants to replace Trump is self defeating.

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