Democratic Debate 1 – Best Candidate Comment

Marianne Williamson continues to make surprisingly well measured comments – especially about Reparations for Slavery. But the best comments at the debate were made in the bowels of NYTimes live coverage of the debate. Buried in the commentary is Reid Epstein note about Montana Governor’ Steve Bullocks signature issue:

  • Steve Bullock tries to pivot to money in politics being at the root of gun violence. Money in politics is his signature issue and accomplishment during his terms as Montana governor.

  • Steve Bullock Wants to Get Money Out of Politics

    THE BIG IDEA Bullock has vowed to sign an executive order that would require companies to disclose their political contributions in order to be eligible for federal contracts. He wants to require “super PACs” and similar groups to certify to the I.R.S. that they are not spending foreign money on campaigns, and ultimately ban super PACs from elections altogether. And he wants to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.

    HOW HE USES IT He believes that “dark money” has so undermined public trust in the political system that the government cannot fix other problems without addressing this one first. And he argues that many of the central problems in American society — like climate change, income inequality and lack of access to health care — are rooted in the influence of wealthy donors and corporate interests.

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Do follow by Reading More at NYTimes where Mary Astor describes in detail Steve Bullock’s approach to Money in Politics. It has substance and bite but may get, like Steve Bullock, lost in the crowded field limited time to consider the candidates.

Government in Washington does not work because so much dark money has insinuated itself either openly or behind closed doors on every national matter . Lobbyists and Politicians have become mutually dependent grifters on a massive scale.

Example of Insinuating Lobby Money

 Common Dreams has a very illuminating story about Which 2020 Democrats Are Taking Money From the Healthcare Industry?. Since Healthcare was debated robustly last night, it would be interesting to see who is becoming beholden to the Healthcare Industry. Here is the latest chart of donation by Big Pharma and Healthcare Providers to the 2020 candidates:

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Now there are many nuances to these contributions, so do read the full account. But the bottom line is that Steve Bullock has the critical argument and in the process has risen to the top of my list of Presidential candidates.


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