5 Questions for the Democratic Party: Elizabeth Warrens Endorsement Ambiguity

In our ongoing series of 5 questions of the Demoratic Party – here are 3 about Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren for the past 10 years has been a staunch advocate for Consumer Financial protection Reforms. This  work has gained her open emnity from the Financial Community but also a legions of supports among Progressive from both parties. In 2012 Elizabeth was elected to the Senate from Massachusetts and immediately assumed key roles in Finance and Consumer protection Oversight. This has put her in conflict with the Wall Street Banking community.


Her vigorous support of tough sanctions on the financial community has broad support among Democrats and Independent Progressives. Her Facbook FanClub has swelled to over 25,000 members. But perhaps bowing to the public polls indicating only middling support, Elizabeth did not enter the Democratic Presidential Primary.. Then when Bernie Sanders emerged as a very competitive candidate advocating almost an identical platform of financial reforms as Elizabeth, all that the Sanders team was able to  coax out of her was the following “endorsement”:

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Why didn’t Elizabeth clearly endorse Bernie Sanders given that he is not indebted to Wall Street like Hillary is in huge campaign contributions from Wall Street? Why didn’t Elizabeth campaign for Bernie Sander in crucial primaries like Massachusetts and New York ? Why did she quickly endorse Hillary before the unfair DNC treatment of Bernie Sander get resolved? In sum, Elizabeth appears to have backed away from real Financial Reform – because the brew that Clinto supporers like Barney Frank is very hospitable to the Street.

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