5 Questions for the Democratic Party: DNC Chair Rigged Primaries

Here are five burning questions for the Democratic party and some of their key politicians prior to their Presidential convention.

The first question is why was Debbie Wasserman Schulz retained as DNC party chair despite strife and ongoing problems with Ms Schulz starting in 2012 with Congressional, Obama, and other key leaders of the Democratic party parrying with her? Why retain her services in 2015-2016 when she is supposed to be totally impartial among the presidential hopefuls but the complaints of bias by Bernie Sanders were ignored until Wikileaks proved him right on July23? Was it because she had been co-chair of the  Hillary Campaign for President in 2008?  Most grievous is Ms. Schulz use of the Party Chair position to accumulate contributions to her own re-election PAC siphoning away funds from other Democratic candidates.

But Ms. Schulz and her DNC staff,  instead of being neutral in the Primary Campaign, exhibited so much bias toward Hillary Clinton it became a festering issue throughout the primary campaign such that open talk by leading Democrats of replacing her again  became a public issue in May and June 2016. If the Democratic Party is trying to espouse fair election practices and avoid being identified with an Establishment driven party working for its campaign sponsors, why retain a biased  elitist like Debbie Wasserman Schulz?

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