5 Questions for Democrats:Why Give Hillary So Much Leeway

Hillary Clinton has been the beneficiary of so much leeway by her party.First she has a former Campaign Manager as DNC Party Chair who instead of being neutral was actively working to give every advantage to Hillary  throughout Primaries. Only because of WikiLeaks, has Debbie Wasserman Schulz   been  finally  ousted from her post. Likewise early in the primaries Hillary promised to release the Goldman Sachs  speeches which netted her  nearly $700,000- and they have not been disclosed nor  any of the details of her 92 other speeches in two years  between 2013 and 2015 in which Hillary earned $21.6million including absolute privacy of speech details and huge added staff percs. her royal treatment at these presentations is deeply entrencehed 1% behavior when the country is looking for more fairness for the middle class.

Finally, almost the complete Democratic establishment early on endorsed Hillary as evidenced by her sweeping 85% of those super delegates in May of 2015 before the Democratic primary.even got started. Hillary has always had a historically high untrustworthy rating. In mid July, Hillary’s Untrustworthy rating reached a new high of 67% after FBI Director Comey straightened her record on what she said and did about State Department emails. Now, with the Wkileaks DNC revelations, her ufavorable and  untrustworthy ratings will surely rise:

Hillary’s unfavorable rating reached a new high  July 16th of 55.4%.. Like wise in early March 2016 Hillary had an Untrustworthy rating of 57% and that rating has climbed to 67% at the start of the Democratic primary in July.

Therefore, the question is why has the Democratic establishment stood with Hillary despite her declining favorability and trustworthy numbers since 2014? Ask the Democratic  Super-delegates, California Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama why they chose to encumber their party with such an overwhelmingly unfavorable and distrusted albatross of a Presidential candidate? Did they not see the consequences of ignoring the beaten-down Middle Class in the Brexit vote in England?


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