Hillary’s Romney Moment

Hillary Clinton just had her Mitt Romney moment and here is  one of a flood of GOP reactive remarks:


Never marginalize your opponent’s supporters. Cardinal mistake.

So the interesting question is why did the Democratic Party, 32% of the US Population,

However, an earlier 2013 Gallup survey found that 42% of Americans identified as political independents, a record high. The latter result is more in line with Gallup polling in 2010 that found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrats (tying a 22-year low), 29% as Republicans, and 38% as independents.
Political party strength in U.S. states – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

choose Hillary as Presidential candidate given her high untrustworthy rating , poor campaigning skills, and overhanging email and pay-to-play scandals. This tells you much about the Democratic party elites who overwhelming supported Hillary over Bernie Sanders. In stark contrast, Sanders did very well among the 41% of independents, has a much better trustworthy rating and no sordid trail of scandals. So what impelled the Democratic elites to support Mme Deplorables?

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