The Price of Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Price of Hillary Clinton can be thought of in three ways.

First there is the price lobbyists and executives have  to pay to get a hearing from Hillary.

There is a  constant stream of  Pay-to-Play revelations starting with Hillary’s $200k speeches to Goldman Sachs and even more questionable “dealings” that are being revealed  by investigative reporting and the ever expanding number of “destroyed emails” that are surfacing as the Presidential campaign heats up:
Biting the Hand that Feeds –  lists the huge moneys Wall Street has invested in  funding for Hillary thus  raising conflict of interest  issues
Hillary & Bill Clinton Inc – describes the payers to the Clinton Foundation collecting Secretary Clinton assistance
Forbes – Clinton Foundation’s Alleged Pay To Play Or Its Private Benefits: Which Hurts Hillary More?
The Daily Beast – Is Hillary Clinton Guilty of Pay-to-Play Politics?
Commentary Magazine – sums it up as Clinton’s Ticking Time Bomb

The bottom line is that her long history of  Pay-to-Play will be hard for Hillary to dodge in the debates. And the amounts of money being paid to candidates:

will see industries demanding a return on investment. Note that banking, Insurers, investment services and Real Estate have huge looming financial risks and as  biggest campaign  contributors   they will be seeking massive federal government “assistance” And if the Hillary Transition Team is any indication, the key question will be – What is the price for getting Hillary’s attention and support?

Second is the Price of Respectability

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump suffer huge untrustworthy and unfavorability ratings. This is the mutual saving grace for each – the numbers are unprecedented in US Presidential elections:

:And of course the litany of Pay-to-play, lying in legal  testimony, and constant, drip-drip-drip of  email embarrassments will solidify Hillary’s untrustworthy ratings now at an imposing 73%. The Atlantic unfolds  the sordid Hillary History of Dishonesty. How much will Hillary have to pay in campaign ads to turn this dire impression around? And given the upcoming debates and steady leaking of 15,000 more emails, the Clinton campaign will have to  spend a lot to insure her numbers don’t sour further.

Third, how much will the Democratic Party have to pay in lost opportunity to regain the House and Senate.

It appears candidate Clinton is costing the Democrats any chance of regaining either the House or the Senate despite all the turmoil that is Trump Look at the  RealClearPolitics polls:

Senate Map

House of Representatives Map

Hllary has contributed to this poor Congressional prospects with her DNC approved siphoning off of funds to her campaign during the primaries rather than sharing with the state and local campaigns in equal shares{this was done to counter Bernie Sanders ability to out finance her with small donations]. Second Bernie had favorability ratings nearly 20 points above Hillary and had managed to garner independent voters that Hillary has mixed results with. In short, with Bernie as Presidential Nominee the House and Senate both would be sure Democratic wins. Thanks DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schulz for your “non-biased” treachery.

Bottom line is even if Hillary wins, a hostile GOP majority in the House and Senate will be justified in repeating the SCORCHED earth NO policy on legislation including a much watered down Supreme Court nominee.


So the Democrat Establishment has invested heavily in breaking the Presidential Glass Ceiling, but at what cost? Democrats are only 30% of the total electorate. The 40% Independents were largely excluded from the Democratic Primary. So in choosing a badly tainted Hillary, Democrats will likely not regain either the House or the Senate and may lose the Presidency in a Brexit like vote. Thank you John Podesta. Thank you Hillary and Bill Clinton Inc.Thank you Barack Obama for favoring Hillary over Bernie.

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