The Clinton Minefield

Hillary Clinton and the DNC should be congratulated for a convention that produced more clearly stated testimonials for Hillary
– Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Tim Kaine being the most eloquent. Likewise the attacks on Trump were very telling including Muslim father Khizr Khan, Independent Enterepreneur Michael Bloomberg, and Vice President Joe Biden . Clearly, the Democratic National Convention successfully launched Hillary Clinton’s bid for the Presidency.

However, 4 events during and immediately after the  the Democratic convention indicate the huge minefield Hillary and the Democratic party have to clear to achieve success in November. First after the Wikileaks a week ago which showed that DNC-Democaratic National Committee instead of being neutral to all the candidates was deeply biased and  committed to a Hillary Clinton victory from the outset. The Friday after the Convention, another hack attack occurred, this time on the DCCC – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee who work to help finance and get elected Democrats in Congress. This is a triple sting for Democrats:
1)After The DNC hacking one would think that Democratic Party would be on high alert in its other organizations and committee’s being hacked. Instead, they fall victim again to a hack attack.
2)This hacking strains the claim by Hillary that her email server was never hacked. Clearly, two key player,s Vladimir Putin and Wikileaks Julian Assange bear no good will towards Hillary Clinton. The worst case scenario is that in the Fall Donald Trump gets his wish and  some of the most embarrassing of  31,000 destroyed HRC private emails gets dumped to the media. Then, and already Trustworthy challenged HIllary Clinton could find here 68%
3)It further jeopardizes the chances of the Democrats regaining control of the Senate [and thus taking Foreign Policy discord off the table of worries othe Hillary as President]. But in order to advance her very ambitious domestic policy plans s, the Democrats have the more Herculean task of winning back the House from the Republicans. Now DNC shenangians on distribution of funds has already complicated that task and embarrassing DCCC revelations could change that into “NO CAN DO”.
4)Continuing questions about the Clinton Foundation, how its moneys were distributed, and how many fees for services were collected when she was Secretary of State. Truly the question of Crooked Clintons could exlpode at any time beyond a best selling book.


The second event is continuing Wikileaks discord. Hillary Clinton has a major trust and honesty problem almost as bad as Donald Trump. And truly Trump gets away with more blatant lies and deception than Hillary. Hillary calls this the unfair higher Hillary Standard that the media hold her to, but not Donald Trump. But as the rational, objective and policy driven candidate, its no surprise that the media and public do have higher expectations of Hillary’s honesty and trust.

Hillary’s Benefactors

Hillary has pledged at the Democratic Convention an unprecedented roll call of reforms on Wall Street, Energy and Climate Change, Justice and Prison Reform, Repeal of Citizens United and uncontrolled campaign financing, InfraStructure and Manufacturing improvements, Social Security and Healthcare expansion, Student Debt and College education financing, Higher and More equitable taxes for the 1-5%-ers. Its  a long list similar to Barack Obama’s in 2008. But just like President Obama was stymied by  Wall Street and other corporate donors who contributed  hugely to his campaign, Hillary will be subject to the same unyielding pressures and demands of her $300M and counting contributors. And if she refuses then the Republicans who likely will retain control of the House in Congress will be more than happy to continue the 6 longs Obama years of NO Votes  for  another 4.years.

So can the least trusted Presidential candidate since Donald Trump, hope to persuade the US electorate to back her  given there is a minefield of trust and honesty issues of  her own making that could explode in the midst of her campaign for the Presidency.

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