5 Questions for Democrats: Clinton Email Disaster

Why  nominate a presidential candidate who used a private email server  a)which was illegal according to the State Department and then used irresponsibly according to the FBI; b)so then she has had to  continuously and  profusely lie about its use; c)because  she used it to avoid FOIA-Freedom Of Information Act requirements for disclosure by petitioning media and d)that has exposed her and the US to blackmail attempts by hostile foreign governments. As pointed out in this article, there is little doubt that all of the Clinton emails including the 31,000 “private” emails that Hillary had destroyed before any  review by any State Department or government authority – all are in the hands of Russian, Chinese, Israeli, and  other foreign cyber agencies. This information could be brandished at any “suitable” time by any of these governments to persuade a President Hillary Clinton to concede to their demands.

And Vladmir Putin is just the foreign leader who has every reason to  use any means possible to embarrass and derail Hillary Clinton and the US government. The US lead  UN sanctions for his hostile takeover of Crimea along with low oil prices are crippling the Russian economy. And the Olympic Games ban [again seen as US lead] on Russian athletes adds fury to his wrath. And suddenly Vladimir Putin is hearing magic words of reduced NATO committments from Donald Trump. So think of the DNC Wikileaks direct from the USSR as just a shot across the bow of what Vlad Putin can do. Do not be surprised if Vladmir Putin returns the disfavor and attempts to disrupt Hillary’s presidential nomination by releasing a few highly tainted samples  from  those 31,000 “private” emails destroyed by Hillary. As  Marketwatch concludes Hillary Clinton’s real opponent in the election is herself and then openly asking “Does Hillary Clinton have a political death wish?

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