The Bachelor vs Hells Kitchen: Which is Worse?

American Television over the past 10 years has seen a Renaissance in specialty channels and innovative TV productions. However, the 4 major networks in contrast are stuck  grinding down  to the lowest common denominator of low gear values.

Two of the worst  offerings this Fall are many-year repeats, so you know they have gained at the very least “the right audience demographics”.  So suffice it to say a significant part of the public are co-conspirators in bringing these ravishing dishes to TV screams…uhh screens.

Without further to do, here are The Worst TV Shows in America 2016 Edition:

The Bachelor – ABC TV
bachelorGlitter banality for six weeks of manipulated romance – it is unmistakably faux. And so scathing  humor says it best:

Despite IMDB rating of 2.9 on 10 and 5.3 on 10 at, this “love contrivance” pulled in the second highest TV ratings in Spring 2016. So you know who to blame for 50 Shades of Unreal & Crazy LOVE.

Hells Kitchen — Fox TV
Despite the bottomless junk spree that is The Bachelor, Hell’s Kitchen wins The Worst of 2016 TV for its utter tactless devastation of the Joy of Cooking. No vulgarity is spared and Gordon “Ramadamn” Ramsy, aspiring to be the cooking Trumpfish bully and blowhard, easily escoffs away with the title   Masterbaiter of all things Tactless.
hellkitjpgThe only recipe learned on this show is how to whorishly bait and hate. This paragon of culinary distaste  is flanked by the Fox/Murdoch pillars of  howling ogres screeching their  concocted fowlness. Hells Kitchen wins the Worst of TV 2016 foul-mouth-down because no-one finds any humor in grinding and pulverizing  the art of cusine . Thank you again, Rupert Murdoch.