A Gagging Dose of Diana Furchtgott-Roth at MarketWatch

The WSJ’s sibling website Marketwatch has a resident liberally bearish voice , Paul Farrell, who regularly rains hell and brimstone on the perpetual bull market, climate change consequences and his latest tirade, the Inequality Bubble Is Accelerating. To balance that blue point of view, Marketwatch needed an Ann Coulter-like bloody red flak attacks . Voila Diana Furchtgott-Roth – More military spending could actually save the U.S. money5 reasons to counter climate-change regulation and 5 reasons Janet Yellen shouldn’t focus on income inequality. Perhaps not the cynical conservative slashings of Ann Coulter but still  prime red meat.

But her latest column is Gagging at the Mouth GOP Claptrap:The best way to “spread the wealth” is to leave it in the hands of the wealthy and Outsourcing makes Americans better off and Sea levels aren’t rising. If climate change were resulting in rising sea levels, coastal homes would not go for such fabulous sums. Rather, properties near the sea would be dropping in value every year. A quick look at the “Mansion” section of Friday’s Wall Street Journal shows that this isn’t happening.

Ohh… sorry these are not the views of Diana but rather her editor, John Tamny at RealClearMarkets.com. My apologies, Diana. You go girl with your own GOP claptrap – New Congress breaks into action with smart bills correcting Marketwatch’s Rex Nutting and The five dumbest things Congress did in its first 100 days.

Marketwatch, a Rupert Murdoch property, is at least a couple steps ahead of that other Rupert Murdoch tribute to Freedom of the Press, Fox News.  No, Marketwatch has not come close to matching Fox New’s record breaking 50 Lies in 6 seconds; but Marketwatch is doing its best to meet Rupert’s “New Press” standard for screeds, uncivility, and partisan propaganda. And so Rupert through Marketwatch and other press properties is hacking away at the value of Freedom of the Press by making his properties success keyed on new lows of shrillness and untrustworthy reporting. And to think, Rupert’s Fox News will, despite its 50 Lies in 6 seconds, get to sponsor a Presidential Debate.

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