2016 Presidential Election Thank You Notes

Image courtesy of Historymaniacmegan at WordPress.com
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Image courtesy of Historymaniacmegan at WordPress.com

In French, the results of the US Presidential election is expressed as C’est Domage – It is a great pity. In that spirit we present here some Thank You Notes in the Style of Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.

Thank You, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for trying to be filthy rich, a halfway progressive and the first dubiously motivated female President all at once. Aw shucks, you only achieved the first two and left your party in tatters.

Thank You, John Podesta. As Hillary’s campaign manager you thought you could Head-Fake Crooked Hillary to the Presidency and failed mightily… and of course as an Establishment Man you had Bernie Sanders lynched.

Thank You, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz. As Hillary’s 2008 and 2016 campaign manager … oops as 2016 DNC Chief you and your staff worked diligently to sabotage the campaign of Bernie Sanders including independent voter suppression in the primaries despite the fact that Bernie had Favorability and Trustworthy ratings 20 points better than Hillary.

Thank You, Donna Brazile, for taking over the DNC chair and proving without a doubt that the DNC would do anything in its powers to thwart Bernie Sanders, including your passing on campaign info and questions to Hillary during the Democratic primary.

Thank You, Senator Elizabeth Warren. You abandoned the true progressive, Bernie Sanders, during the crucial phases of  Democratic primary campaign giving Hillary a critical primary campaign push.

Thank you, Barack Obama. You also chose Hillary over Bernie Sanders. Were you afraid that a Sanders Presidency would outshine you? Also, you  took over $300million in campaign contributions from the Financial and Insurance industries during your Presidential campaigns. And despite massive law breaking by them  both before, during and after the Financial Recession of 2007 to 2010  then found no reason to prosecute the chief executives of these institutions. Nobody has gone  to jail for massive financial crimes continuing to this day. Your  Abandoning of the Rule of Law provided the GOP with the excuse to obstruct all your programs … so your legacy has been badly tainted because your economic program  has been reduced to nothing or  half measures. this is a travesty. So now President Trump plans to spend $1trillion on infrastructure and job creation and the GOP Congress may very well approve it because they will get credit for essential programs you tried  and failed to get passed.

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi. As Speaker of the House you set the rules of etiquette  for becoming filthy rich in Congress, setting the standard for grift-taking for Hillary to follow. Hill and Bill certainly did so while at State Department.

Thank you, Democratic Party Elite   for succumbing to the allures of the 0.1% Establishment and therefore responding to their whims and commands with servile complicity. See Barack Obama’s Thank You note for the details.

Thank you, National Media, especially the TV networks for treating the Presidential and Congressional Campaigns as Infotainment.Instead of taking a proactive role defining the 8 most important domestic issues and the 8 most important foreign policy issues   and then throughout the campaign getting responses from candidates and their policy positions – hey all this is spurned as mind numbing, ratings hellholes with all those dumb  facts and statistics. The public has no stomach for politics and statistics, they would rather watch 3 hour NFL pregame shows spouting all sorts of player and team stats. Oops, may be there is a market for  political facts  and strategy with a creative mindset.

Thank You, GOP party. For relying on the short memory and outright disinterest of the public in the major issues. This allows you to play the blame game to perfection. Example, Corporate welfare payments in form of massive  tax credits, lower income tax rates, and subsidies matches the constantly shrinking Social Safety Net payments. So the tax breaks for the Wealthy “Job Creators” has continued through the George Bush and Barack Obama years.

Thank you, John Q. Public. You have alternated every 8 years between the two parties for the past 24 years. With Donald Trump you have chosen a President even less prepared for Presidential Office then George W. Bush, who, by the way, did not vote for Donald Trump. Expect Global Warming and the associated weather to get worse, the National Debt to increase faster than under any president, financial market earthquakes to occur in the US, Europe and Asia,and the income and wealth gaps  in America to continue to widen against the middle and working class. As for women’s rights, it will be tokenism and Supreme Court harshness for women to contend with.


The USA has just elected its President Rodrigo Duterte and there is no 30 day money back guarantee or “Return to Sender” provision. There will be 4 years in which the GOP, holders of the Presidency, the majority in the Senate and in the House will be on the line for USA policy for better or for worse. This party expects an administration worse than George W. Bush who brought the US the largest % increase in the National debt; the unjustified, unplanned for and unpaid for Iraq and Afghanistan Wars; and the near downfall of the financial system including the worst Financial and economic  Recession since the Depression.

Now with the election of the US Bully-, Liar-, and Groper-in-Chief there remains two National questions. How long will truthiness, half truths and outright lying prevail in our politics and news media as the political moral compass turns towards  outright deception and willing manipulation of the masses.Second and more important given the behaviour of both national parties in this election, how long can the US deny that it has become a full fledged Oligarchy, subject to the whims and control of the 0.1% of Surpassing Wealth and Increasing Political Influence? And so Putin laughs.

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