Barack Obama Election Strategy

As Barack Obama reacts with his own website to counter the ever growing smear and innuendo attacks of Republican supporters, the question becomes what is the best pro-active approach he can take to deliver his message. One approach is already taken with a powerful website that delivers his message clearly and concisely. It also is the major source of his campaign’s financing. Thus by enlisting dollar votes from grass roots people, Obama is much more likely to get their support and votes come election time. The site takes on major issues such as the War in Iraq, Health Care Financing,  Social Security, and other national issues. But it also covers emerging issues such as  the flood in the Midwest, rallying people and organizations to the cause of helping.

This pro-active, “I am demonstrating that I will be a caring commander-in-chief”, such a contrast to a Katrina fickle President Bush.  It also has the power a) to suggest that the candidate Obama has the organizational awareness and finesse to handle problems and crises and b)demonstrates real examples of some of the promised changes as to how politics are done.

But the problem is that the Barack Obama website is exactly that – his website not likely to be visited by Republicans, the disadvantaged, or simply not known or approachable by countless Americans. So the issue is how to bring this “can do” and “I am not just campaigning to be President but I am acting and delivering Presidential-worthy aid, helps and organizing assistances to various peoples in need” to a broader audience.
The Power of Direct Help
This after all was and is the strength of political operatives both good and bad – the unions movement in the 30’s and the pillar on which Hamas survives in Gaza (aid to ordinary people with food, work, education and other social subsidies offset by the terrible danger Hamas brings on its “constituents” by launching missiles and suicide attacks on Israel).
So the problem for Obama strategists is how to deliver Presidential-worthy actions beyond the excellent website work.
I can think of radio and grass roots organizational activities that address real problems. But the latter have the very high risk of falling short or being derailed or setting off “unintended consequences” such that they become liabilities. However, the lure of negating the McCain/Republican attacks that Obama does not have the experience and wherewithal to be commander in chief – this is a strong lure. So now the Obama community projects background and legacy will get tested to the hilt because the challenge will to be to start to deliver change on a nationwide basis. A daunting task.

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