Why Barack Obama Will Earn His Win

I have been very careful not to commit to a Democrat Presidential candidate – I liked John Edward’s “its the Middle Class being gutted alive, stupid” message but not his almost courtroom legal stridency. I liked Joe Biden for his John McCain straight talking but rued his chances for a breakthrough. I liked Barack Obama for daring to push a higher vision; but I worry whether he can get the people with like minded aspirations and and keep them on direction given that that the opposition to change will be formidable. Also can he just manage the Mission. Finally, I like Hillary for her commitment to work, often across the aisle, to get things done. But I don’t want a Billary administration.

However, Hillary also has been asking for a battle hardened and ready-to-go on day 1 candidate – and saying “She is the One”. Okay, I give her credit for across the board competence – its what has won her respect in NY state as incumbent junior Senator. But I have been more impressed with how well Barack Obama has been running his campaign. He is out organizing everybody – including Hillary. See what Time magazine’s Joe Klein has to say about this. And suddenly one of my major concerns about Barack Obama has been alleviated.

I need a 5th more of that organization myself.

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