Doing the Right Thing in Ontario

Here is a searing example of how divisive religion has become in the politics of the day, especially in North America. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced this week that he was considering alternating other major faith’s prayers with the Lord’s Prayer that opens each session of parliament. The Premier argued that because Ontario and Canada guarantee Freedom of Religion for all, the Province should show no favoritism. The Premier also went on to point out that Ontario had seen a huge growth in non-Christian denominations over the past twenty years so alternating the Lord’s Prayer with prayers of other faiths would simply reflect the change in demographics.

So the headline for local CTV News that evening – Ontario to Replace the Lord’s Prayer. Now of course the later report on CTV explained more fully what was going on . But the short CTV Headline was first wrong, second featured several time before the news cast (and thus for any viewers that missed the more expansive report, they would remain mis-informed)and third was unduly inflammatory.

So much for doing the right thing. Ohh and congratulations to local CTV news – you a)torpedoed your claim to multi-cultural champion in the Province and Toronto and b)may have a bit of explaining to do before the CRTC regulator when your license comes up for renewal.

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