Murder She Wrote

Hillary Rodham Clinton just got away with murdering Rule of Law, As a lawyer Hillary is pledged to uphold Rule of law; but she has  quietly eviscerated Rule of Law with her privileged Elite Escape from Criminal Prosecution without any indictable offense on the use of her email server..Clearly it was not a mere convenience but rather a way to avoid FOIA-Freedmo Of Information Access by the  media which would have opened up  all her non-classified emails including the ones where Hillary made deals with foreign players to make contributions to the Clinton Foundation

Instead the public was treated to a litany of lies and half truthiness. “There were no emails sent or received which were marked classified.”. “Nobody broke into my private email server – except for one lone hacker Guccifer” “And I did not need to get permission from the State Department to establish my personal email server”. “Besides the State Department servers have been breached in the past so they were no safer than mine”. “As for the emails sent to me being classified, they were not marked that way at the time I got them and I never sent classified emails myself”. “Finally, my private emails are exactly that and should never be subject to FOIA-Freedom of Information Access so I had them removed.” These are the remarks  and testimony of HRC and/or her surrogates up to and including the NYTimes.

Bernie Sanders’ Gross Error in Judgement

Perspective 1: Was HRC Server breached?.

Wired back in March labelled the Clinton Server a major Security failure because the domain provider, Network Solutions had been itself hacked many times and during Hillary’s tenure at the State Department. CNBC reports on the 2010 several day State Department repair to the server leaving many security services disabled. Both of these situations would allow invisible hacks where hackers could get in, remove information/emails without leaving any traces of their activity. Wikipedia decribes how top Defense, CIA and Intelligence executives all come to the same conclusion – that Hillary’s server was very likely hacked by several foreign government agencies:

Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael T. Flynn,[63] former United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates,[64][65] and former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Morell[66][67] have said that it is likely that foreign governments were able to access the information on Clinton’s server. Michael Hayden, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency said “I would lose all respect for a whole bunch of foreign intelligence agencies if they weren’t sitting back, paging through the emails.”[68]

Perspective 2: What is the harm if Hillary’s Server was hacked?

It all depends on the content of those emails. But even the FBI cited Hillary for sending and receiving over 100 Secret and Top Secret emails which “either party should have known that they were classified”. In addition, due to the use of more than one server and the sophisticated deletion of all contents on all email servers without any 3rd party supervision, the FBI was unable able to recover any emails other than the ones that Hillary turned over. Also Bloomberg revealed last Spring how 1000’s of donors to the Clinton Foundations were kept secret as a Canadian branch of the Clinton Foundation acted as bundlers for funneling sums from foreigners to the Clinton Foundation. The New Yorker, Forbes, and the Federalist have all raised tough questions about the intake and distibution of moneys by and for the Foundation. The book Clinton Cash argues that the Clinton family accepted lavish donations and speaking fees from foreign donors at times when the State Department was considering whether or not to award large contracts to groups and people affiliated with those donors. This along with the 33000 unsupervised email deletions is at the heart of the scandal.

And lurking in the background is the danger that foreign governments have smoking-gun email proof of Hillary’s misdeeds ready to use against her as they see fit. Indeed, FBI Director Comey’s chacterization of Hillary and aides conduct as “extremely careless” is just the tip of the iceberg.

Perspective 3: In the long run what does it really matter as long as Clinton defeats Trump

Talk about the luck of the non-Irish. Hillary has as her Presidential rival an orange-colored, self-absorbed Orangutan of a Buffoon. No wonder despite having an unfavorable rating of 55.5% on average, Clinton leads Trump by 44.9 to 40.3 in the current national polls. So lets look at what a Clinton Presidency is likely to deliver on the national concerns of the public:
issuesMany of these issues like the Economy, Terrorism, and Foreign Affairs are too broad with no major focus for policy. But two issues stand out for their specific nature – Wealth/Income Distribution and Washington Culture. Wealth/Income centers around the the 1% controlling a disproportionate share of National Income:
With the result that cumulative wealth is also skewed heavily in favor of the 1%:
Now what is the likelihood that a President Clinton  will move to right the ship that has seen average US wages decline over the last 10 years while her elitist contributors have seen their tax rates decline while their incomes and wealth have risen disproportionately. In fact the rumors are in order to get a Infrastructure Jobs program through Congress, Hillary will give away an immense holiday on nearly US $3 Trillion in corporate monies held overseas in order to avoid paying taxes. Thus  a President Clinton will be adding to the disproportionate transfer of  tax burden from corporates and the wealthy  to households. This is a continuation of GOP Trickle Down Corporate Welfare payments of the past 30 years. The problem is it looks like Hillary is equal to the task of taking over the GOP role of Public Servant to the Business Elites.