Paul Krugman – Political Whitewash Man

It is ironic that Paul Krugman having just finished one of the better and succinct analyses of the GOP<=>Trump symbiotic relationships, turns on a dime and becomes such a whitewashing shill for Hillary Clinton one wonders what Cabinet Post the Professor is Chris Christie-ing for? The fallacies, omissions, blatant truthiness and ad hominem attacks on Bernie Sanders are so logically defunct that in an breathtaking instant Paul Krugman jettisons all his political credibility. Or maybe Krugman is just towing the NYTimes Editorial line as the Newspaper of Record for the Elites and Establishment.

Start with characterization of the GOP as grifters. Just over 30 years ago Ronald Reagan put his political blessing on Trickle Down Economics, Supply Side Corporate Welfare and Lee Atwater/Grover Norquist Starve the Beast deficit spending. As Krugman notes that started the dedicated grifter policy line in GOP politics. GOP politicians became policy con artists for the Business Class – supporting unprecedented corporate welfare subsidies with relentless tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. This extended to theNeoConservative faction engaging in unnecessary plus grossly mishandled wars and unpaid for programs having a Fed Chairman in Alan Greenspan willing to bank roll it all. Krugman cites the GOP befriending strident segments of the public [gun enthusiasts, anti-gays, Christian-only prayer in schools, small businesses needing cheap immigrant labor, etc] whose 1 issue voting priorities allow the GOP to blatantly swindle them and the Nation. Krgman certainly gets the grifter drift of the Republican party stumbling into succumbing to its own creation, Con-man Trump.

But Krugman has a huge blindspot to the same type of deep integrity deficits in the Democratic party.

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