Political Satire Junkies: Need a Humor Fix?

Are you tired of having to wait up to all hours of the night for a little dab of political humor or satire from Bill Maher or Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? Are Jay, David, and Jimmy too lame or inane? Do you like unbiased black humor? Let me recommend the Borowitz Report, available on the Web anytime and crowned with an aroma of non-partisan jeers :

In contrast with Ms. Foyler’s alarmed comments, Fox host Glenn Beck took the news of a possible programming change in stride: “If I’m kicked off the air, I’ll return to my first love: standing in the back of crowded theaters and yelling, ‘Fire.’”

In other cable news developments, CNN confirmed that it was considering dropping Kathleen Parker from its “Parker Spitzer” program, but said it had balked at Elliot Spitzer’s suggestion of “a different woman every night.”

Rev. Pat Robertson sparked controversy in today’s broadcast of his 700 Club program when he claimed that God created the blizzard currently battering the Northeast “to punish Americans who were planning to drive to do something gay.” As for the millions of straight people in New York City who were also grounded by the bad weather, the televangelist said, “I think God probably wonders, if these people are really straight, then what are they doing in New York?”

As pro-democracy protests spread around the world, the US State Department today issued its strongest words to date about the situation, offering “to stand by whichever side winds up winning.” Joining her at the State Department press conference, President Barack Obama echoed her statement, telling reporters, “I am behind Secretary Clinton’s mixed message one hundred percent.”“To dictators who think they can get away with oppressing their people, let me say this,” President Obama continued. “The United States of America is standing by, thousands of miles away, to see how this mess turns out.”

Do you have a humor hour hole to fill – try the Borowitz Report any time, any day, anywhere, … chuckles in the posts as well as the headlines, guaranteed.

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