An AI Chat with Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Chatting Virtually- it doesn’t fit in the post title neatly so let me tell you about how I am using some AI software to conduct an interview with a world-known personality.  The secret is that  is a personalized chatbot platform that uses ChatGPT and GPT-4 on the backend to conduct the interview based on its billions of stored facts.  is currently free and allows you to create your own fictional or real character and then chat with them virtually. works best when the personality is relatively well known with lots of known facts and conversations associated with the person. Let me show you part of my  ForeFront conversation with Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas:

Now this has the look of the Daily Show’s correspondent, Jordan Klepper, who conducts virtual interviews with conservative voters across the US. But I maintain the content of the Greg Abbot conversation is a bit more true to the spirit of the governor because of his numerous public interviews, commentaries and public reports to the people of Texas.  See the full conversation at this link:

Now the following NYTimes article provides one of the clearest demonstrations on how ChatGPT and other AI Engines work. notice the tool slowly ones in on Intelligence based on literally hundreds of thousands of “fact sample ” training.  The newest ChatGPT-4 engine now has literally millions of training session facts to work from and its own summarizing cueing methods.

So now a Forefront conversation with Erwin Schrodinger, Austrian Nobel prize winner in Physics who died in 1961 has credibility:
But Wait There is a Fly in the AI Ointment
AI Erwin claims he has no Irish heritage as seen in the dialog below:

But Google among others says otherwise:

So here is an example of the caution that AI rightfully should instill in all users – the caveat emptor reaction. Expect blatant but infrequent errors from “innocent” AI while Deep Fakes and MisInformation AI are the real threat because governments, businesses, and academic institutions are doing the usual – fumbling badly based on their own, often conflicting if not petty party interests.

These views are primarily those of the author. However, and contributed much material to this review.

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