AI Trends in 2024

In a World crowded with devastating Wicked Problems[how to moderate climate change worldwide, existential conflicts in Russia vs Ukraine, Israel vs Hamas,  Haitian civil breakdown, rebellions and civil  war across Central African countries, concentration of 80% of world wealth in less than 10% of  the population], the prospect of adopting AI-Artificial Intelligence tools for the better seems like a Yuletide video romance -lots of hope  but drawing upon  positive  illusions for “selling” better times. As we shall see below, the fast moving trends In AI spell many issues and  a “challenging” prospectus for AI usage emerges.

AI Generating Tools are the Big  Source of AI Usage currently:

And Generative AI using LLM-Large Language Models has since 2022 started to generate major innovations by accomplishing cognitive tasks that would take ordinary humans hours if not days and weeks to complete. Lets see how AI tools are prepared to accomplish these impressive tasks:
First, these AI models have the benefit of huge memories of billions of neural net cells
Second, the neural net cells are interconnected in ways that record specific events and changes of state;
Third, the  neural net cells are exposed to billions of training sets to set training in place.
Here are two models of what is going and the limitations of AI training models:

First we explore how machine learning takes place in current classification models of AI:

Then we look at how AI is likely to change in the next 5 years with conceptualizations of worthy learning methods:

So now we are ready to investigate how generative AI is being used today.


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