AI as seen by John Oliver The Daily Show:

John asks off the cuff what would happen if AI was tasked with creating some “trenchant humour” Netflix took John up on that and the most recent AI try is challenging. What makes NetFlix 2 is a joke is that  it is exactly the opposite. a haunting demo of how bad and erratic AI produced humor could be. Three things standout:
1)the puns and jokes completely lack human tonal nuances or even  gesture style and coloring in delivery;
2)the ability of image AI to deliver explosive extremes tires out very quickly at the edge of horrible or worse ;
3)the audience is portrayed as incompetent lunatics ready to laugh in various shades from happy to Shadenfreud;
See for yourself:
AI on The Daily Show is from May of 2024 and shows how AI is rampaging with explosive growth being put primarily to eliminate jobs. This is  the very notion  the AI industry adamantly denies or papers over with false claimsof more leisure time with no loss in wages. Worse patently false promisesof new jobs”servicing the AI industry.

The latest take on Exceutive pay is what AI Humor totally missed:


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