Do It Yourself Investing: Morningstar Stock Screener

This is the second tutorial on free financial investment tools which have proved to be very useful in doing financial analysis and portfolio tuning or rebalancings. One of the most important tasks these days is to constantly assess your portfolio for what may be better  replacement investments. In order to do this investors must screen

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Economic and Political Revolutions

One would hardly know based on the coverage in the Press and on TV –  Economic and Political Revolutions are taking place right before the pundits eyes and they have scarcely acknowledged them. 1)The Web  as a shaper of direct governance rose significantly. The Web  through blogs and business webstes a)carried the latest news of

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Vista Watch

Windows Vista is on life support. It is dying and will be replaced as soon as possible . Our blog at will follow the demise of Vista on Vista Watch. We do so to highlight a)how fast the change over will be made; b)how well Microsoft treats its existing Windows XP customers. For example,

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