Republicans Badly Divided

Republicans are beginning to reap what they have sewn – some of the most divisive politics of the past 10 years at a time when the Internet and instant information make being a fraud or two-tongued very dangerous business – just ask Roger Clemens. Also read what columnist Gail Collins has to say about Mitt Romney’s Presidential candidacy.

But more fundamentally, the cobbled together coalition of strict fiscal conservatives, rust belters looking for a handout, small businessmen seeking a hedge, very rapacious corporates getting more influence, church evangelicals looking to flex power, and libertarians looking for the closest supporters of their less government goals (for a Whitman Samplers, see Ron Paul supporters wandering in the desert of the Republican primaries 2008) – all of these diverse interests are unraveling and becoming¬† frayed apart by the fact that only the rapacious financial corporates and the evangelicals have gotten a modicum of their hearts desires. And in the upcoming Republican presidential candidate tussle, these diverse interests do not see their interests “well served” by any candidate.

So now the Republican Circus Spectacle will be how these blind-but-for-their-own- purposes raygun huggers come together under the McCain candidacy , aka … how will these blind men describe the Look and Feel of their Elephant ??

Give them a fifth of washwater so they can at least see what a Rush-rash spectacle they are making of themselves.

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