Republicans as the Banksters’ Boyz

In fighting specifically for the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy and then Estate Tax Cuts that also accrue to the wealthy , Republicans rebranded themselves yet again as the Banksters’ Boyz. With these moves the Republicans moved back and away from anti-gays [oops, GOP delivered here by ignoring military top brass and saying once again if you are gay you cannot serve openly in the military], the zealous advocates for Christian Prayers in schools, the gun lobby, those  against immigration   reconciliation [oops, GOP delivered by refusal to act on hard negotiated DREAM Act], anti-abortion campaigners, etc. All these groups were economically abandoned to act for their real and core constituents = > the extremely wealthy. Not deficit cutting and managing the budget[the topic of GOP’s 2010 election campaign and courting of Tea Party voters], not the middle class and small businesses[ostensibly the reason taxcuts for the wealthy are required ], – but fighting for the super-rich who have escaped the Great Recession with their wealth and income not just intact but increasing by triple the rate of overall economic growth.

Follow any of the links above and see exactly who the Republicans are really fighting for at the cost of most of  GOP’s  other constituents who do not share in the extremely wealthy benefits of estate taxes, privileged capital gains tax rates, and now likely continued low income  tax rates.So Billionaire  Warren Buffet , to his consternation, pays the lowest tax rate in his office  than anybody else in his Berkshire Hathway Office  [see here how wide the margin is in the video above]. The super-rich who have been bailed out to the tune of $3.3 trillion dollars [and not just the banks but dozens of Wall Street hedge funds who would have collapsed without the FRB-Federal Reserve Board helping hand financed by J.Q. Public].

Now Heaven and know that the Democrats have gotten an awul lot of the Banksters’ money in campaign contributions over the years.  But this year, the Republicans got even more – and in a bid to sell out completely and corner the market on Bankster’s Campaign Bounty, Republicans have ignored almost all of their other constituents – and prostrated themselves before the Banksters delivering  a suite of very sweet Tax Cuts which benefit the ultra-wealthy mightily  while  adding  significantly to the National Debt and budget shortfalls. This is being done immediately after the Mid Term elections, where the sacred trust that the Republicans  campaigned on was cutting the deficit and eliminating budget shortfalls as they just added mightily to the deficit on behalf of the Banksters.

Wow. Talk about hutzpah. Republican strategist Mike Murphy, having just helped  lose the California gubernatorial campaign [despite Meg Whitman having spent the unmatched sum of $120million], was asked on ABC/TV’s This Week with Christiane Amandpour what would he promote as  as the Republican advantage in the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election .. Mike paused … wait for it … and said   …  “Our ability to govern and  manage the economy”. Wow! Talk about Irish Bullshit Blarney, you have to take a swig of a 5th as the GOP officially becomes the Banksters’ Boyz.

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