Obama’s Inaugural Speech II

Because Obama’s Inaugural Speech  didn’t have the uplifting rhetoric of his 2004 Democratic Convention Keynote Speech, many have said it was a klunker. Some say the real Inauguration Speech of Grandeur was delivered at the Lincoln Memorial on Martin Luther King Day – just  24 hours earlier. But on second view people are finding more substance in the Inaugural Address.

Our first take was that Obama displayed more anger and displeasure at the leadership of the country and the people themselves for choosing the easy paths and avoiding the tough questions and decisions. And certainly Obama left only partly identified two of the biggest elephants in the room US room.
First, the US with 4% of the population could not continue to be consumer of 20-25% of the World’s Resources. The equation just does not work even as compensation for being the Beacon on the Hill.

The second elephant in the room is the current Economic Dysfunctionally that is not just paralyzing the US Economy but also wreaking havoc through out the World.  The continued strife in financial markets are a direct repudiation  of Trickle Down, Masters of the Universe “Efficient”  Markets and Top Executive Compensation completely out of control

Let me suggest that the Inaugural was a carefully crafted speech whose modulated openness was  deliberate and pointed. Let me suggest also those words are  surely the best “tea leaf” insights into the policies of the Obama administration over the next 1-3 years. I firmly believe Obama and his administration will have to be contingency driven and and inmany cases being course and process correcting/modulating all the time. But check the Speech again for the governing principles behind those modulations.

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