Israeli Appartheid

Israel is not the only one  into an end game of Appartheid. I have heard bandied words of  not a two state solution between  Israel and Palestine, but  a single state solution. Here is the proposal from no less than Libya’s  Muommar Ghaddafi for Isratine. Like Ghaddafi, Israel would say to the World – enough of this Hundred Years War between Arab and Israeli. Let us create a single state of Palestinians with limited vting power and autonomy who would have to earn their right for a completely free, self ruled state.

But as always in the MidEast – Arabs and Israelis would have different assumptions and agendas. Israelis key assumptions would be that the Palestinians have proved irrevocably that they:
a)do not honour democratic institutions;
b)elect leaders that cannot be trusted to serve their people – witness the corruption of Fatah and the willingness of Hamas to lead their people into constant conflict with the state of Israel;
c)are committed irrevocably through their political leaders to a hopeless, despicable and fruitless campaign to exterminate Israel.
So let Israel as peace-wanting democratic people become the proctors and protectors of Israel/Palestine. We shall create the one state Israel/Palestine and provide defense, legal, educational, economic frameworks for both Israeli and Palestinian. Palestinians will have local rule in Gaza and parts of the West Bank with training of their police and legal in Israeli institutions. They will have access to markets, ideas, and travel through Israeli port, airports and other institutions.  But their votes will only count for their local leaders – who will be able to present their ideas to an Israeli-only elected Knesset and national reconciliation government. Overtime, if their are no suicide bombings or other acts of terrorism, more power will be granted to the Palestinians. But the right of a full self-governing Palestinian state will have to be earned by good Palestinian behaviour.
Think this is all far fetched ? Check out the sentiments at the Jerusalem Post.

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