Israel’s Toden Tanz

UPDATE: Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is not the Mensch the US seeks.
Netanyahu declares that Israel would not stop Jewish settlements around Jerusalem.

Yet again the New York Times reports of this macabre dance in Israel:
Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians in West Bank
This is the same damned dance of death that gets performed so many times in the past decades – Israel seizes by settlements more Palestinian territory, Palestinians react with protests and riots[the NYTimes has some revealing around the Arab world pictures], Israelis responds with some arsenal drawn from their decided military advantage, more Palestinians die by a ratio of 3 to 1 or more [want to see a rats nest of counter statistical claims and Web shouting matches then check here, here and here] – and the Israelis say “see, you can’t trust these bloody savages” and the Palestinians say “see, they have seized another part of Palestine with impunity” – and the West is left holding the Corpse of Peace in the Middle East.

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