Israels Worst Friend

Israel’s worst friend by far is the US. The US allows the Israelis to live the lie that the Palestinians are second class people; their 2000 year right to Palestinian land and territory is legitimate. And so once again, the US was the lone veto in the UN Security Council today against a resolution condemning West Bank settlements by Israel. Yet again this allows Israel off the hook reducing the pressure on Israel to negotiate seriously about establishing a Palestinian state. In a Mideast, undergoing unprecedented¬†democratization¬† the US stood up for this mind numbing injustice. And to hear the justification by the US Ambassador to the UN was so hollow , so disappointing:

“But the American ambassador, Susan E. Rice, said the veto should not be misconstrued as American support for further settlement construction, which the United States opposes. But she said the issue should be resolved through peace negotiations, not mandated by a binding resolution.”

These are the times when the Obama administration can be so disappointing – and the US the worst “friend ” for Israel..

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