The Royal Opera Presents Anna Nicole Smith

England’s Royal Opera House is featuring the life of Anna Nicole Smith – and its a smash hit
. At first blush this is The English falling for Entertainment Weekly or TMZ titillation. Or sort of reverse  update of  the movie Shakespeare in Love. But as it turns out opera has always loved a fallen Woman – Madame Butterfly, Carmen, Manon, etc.  And Anna Nicole  is certainly fallen – and of course the electric echo meme  is that America has  fallen too – something that the British who lost the Colonies and then an Empire know well.  But if you consider the review embedded in this slideshow, it is apparently first and  foremost the music and  lyrics then the audacious staging that makes the show. I would have to say that getting a voice plus Anna Nicole look-alike in Eva-Marie Westbroek was the crowning pearl in this opera culture. You can order tickets here – but be quick, this British Glee show ends March 3rd, 2011 in London England.

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