What Was Said: TheDailyBeast on Bibi Netanyahu

The Daily Beast is covering the AIPAC – America Israel Public Affiars Committee conference where Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren advanced the notion that Likud partty leader and Israeli Prime Minister had been willing to stick his neck out for a two-state solution.

TheDailyBeast sets the record straight in no uncertain terms:

Netanyahu’s Likud party has shown through its follow-up that it’s never really taken the two-state solution seriously. In fact, as Lara Friedman detailed in a Peace Now report, “by every objective measure, the Netanyahu government has demonstrated that it is determined to use settlements to destroy the very possibility of the two-state solution.” That’s true of the Likud of the past—consider the fact that, during Netanyahu’s 10-month settlement “freeze,” construction never actually stopped, and was redoubled right after the freeze expired—and it’s even more true of Likud today. So much so, that the two-state solution can’t be considered the position of the Likud party in any meaningful way, despite what Oren would have AIPAC believe.

Clearly there is an American Jewish intellectual community that disagrees strongly with the direction that current Israeli leadership is taking on reaching a settlement with the Palestinians. Whether they can convince either their American cohorts or enough native Israelis is open to question. But clearly, Israel has 3 important factors beyond Iran of concern similar to Texas Going Blue  for Republicans- demographics, the constantly advancing state of rocketry art, and the availability of lethal, non-nuclear WMDs.

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