Powerful Infographic on Gun Control

The DailyBeast has helped create and promote the following Gun Control infographic  on a website called ThisIsYourRepOnGuns:

Every Senator and member of the House of Representatives is listed. Their own words on gun control are available – and what voting actions and financial support they have taken on the issue. There are ratings of the members by the two largest gun control lobby groups – the NRA and The Brady Group who are respectively against any and for some additional controls on gun usage.

The site features a very handy map window pane so users can drag the view to their state or area of interest and see all the Congressional districts and how the Representatives are voting on the issue of gun control. This Map allows zooming in and out which is important as you view urban and rural areas. What is fascinating to see is how strangely contorted some of the electoral districts are showing the effects oof gerrymandering a district towards one party or another.

As an observer I cant help but see three things: 1)many ad hominem attacks on the President  for a variety of  declared reasons; 2)similar to the deficit and budget controversies an extreme, all-or-nothing  attitude toward any practical limits on the use of up-to and including military grade firearms or any  limits or consequences for the illegal acquisition of guns; 3) and the deep rural versus urban rift on this issue.


Spend 10 or 15 minutes on this site and you will be provided with some key insights on the declared thinking of candidates on the issue of Gun Control but also  a broader appreciation of how the country is divided between urban and rural districts and points of view. This is a thorough, complete and up-to-date view in the USA today on Gun Control among those who will decide in Washington. Wish that this type of infographic had been available for the vote on the War on Iraq or both TARP Financial Aid programs.

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