The Al-Qaeda Recruiting Poster

Here is the recruiting poster for Islamic Terrorists that is a sure fire success throughout the Middle East:

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This is the map of the Palestinian West Bank with the Israeli “settlements”. No, no lets not call them incursions because that would imply the Israelis are squatters on territory that is not theirs – the final territorial treaty is still under negotiations … for 50 years and counting. By the way there are more than half a million Israeli settlers in the purple colored enclaves in Palestinian lands …. uhh unresolved territory.
Now just to make sure that everybody understands how unresolved those territorial borders are Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu this weekend had this to say at a tree planting ceremony in the Israeli settlement of Etzion on the Palestinian West bank:“Our message is clear….we are planting here, we will stay here, we will build here. This place will be an inseparable part of the State of Israel for eternity.”
The NYTimes went on to report that “Mr. Netanyahu’s … remarks struck a jarring note on a day when the American envoy, George J. Mitchell, shuttled between Israeli and Palestinian leaders on a so-far unsuccessful mission to restart negotiations that have been stalled for over a year.” Foreign Policy magazine says that the envoy’s task is so hopeless it is time to stop the humiliation of a distinguished diplomat and so Mitchell should resign his post and report back frankly on the stalemate.   As long as Israelis are successful in a)stalling and delaying on reaching an accord with the Palestinians while b) slowly but surely securing ever larger settlements both in area and Israeli population in the West Bank; c)continuing to delay so the Palestinian first refugees will have died off so there will be ever smaller Palestinian claimants for the “Right of Return”;  d)from time to time, discrediting the Palestinians by eliciting “provocative actions” for which they can retaliate with overwhelming force and e)still maintain US attachment as the “even-handed” representatives while in fact their reputation is besmirched in these 50 years and counting  of negotiations – well this Al-Qaeda recruiting poster is sure to work. At this rate, with Israelis as “allies in the Middle East”, who needs enemies.

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