Ford Electrics

What makes this story/slideshow about Ford’s new Electric vehicles so  fascinating is where it appeared. No, not in Car and Driver or Popular Mechanics. No not Forbes or Business Week – but in eWeek, a leading  Corporate IT trade press source. Figure that one out as you get a great look see at what Ford’s Electrification and Greening of cars is all about.

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The second thing that caught my scrutiny is the attention to detail of providing electrical replenishment. Ford says it is a matter of plugin-in-the-wall sources. But even of more interest is the high level of management which is committed to co-operating closely with electrical power and utility industry and other providers – and that the priority is to make the transition to blends and then electric-only as smooth as possible. What clearly comes across is that  Ford is serious about the transition to cleaner energy sources for cars.

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