ABC’s This Week Misfires

This Week with George Stephanopoulos — Newsmakers, Politics and Analysis – is how ABC News characterizes their Sunday morning news commentary show. I have been a devoted watch for over 10 years. But  following WWE-Worldwide Wrestling Exhibition match between Democratic Party Chairman Kaine versus Republican Party Chairman Steele has me seriously looking for alternatives:

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I don’t need This Week to confirm in no uncertain terms that the two parties are locked in Partisan Pettiness of the Highest disorder. I can go to any of CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC to get a daily dose of this derelict  infotainment destitution.

No in these most perilous of times as so many wicked problems confront not just the US but the World in general with less slack in the system to allow for good faith trial and error  as the world’s population tries to cope with major resource shortages, inexorably calamitous climate change, social + religious intolerance, and persistent economic insufficiencies and imbalances – the last thing I need or want is two supposed “Party Leaders” face slapping each other in MMC fashion.

Why George a) scheduled this brouhaha and b)let it go on without any control for so long is a Beckian mystery.  Is it any thing goes for ratings ?

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