Canadian Political Hosers, Eh

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The Canadian Government does not want to be outdone by the US Finance-dependent Feds who are treating most of its taxpayer and citizens [but sparing the “Too Big to Fail ” Top Bracket Few] as hoi polloi and hosers who can and will be  taken to tax to the tune of $TRILLIONs. Its an ongoing yes-we-can joke. Now far be it from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s intentions to steal from the pockets of Canadians. No,all he is going to do is have Parliament take an extension of the Christmas holidays – a much needed break called Proroguing Parliament until March. No, not until 2011. But unmercifully til 2010 if all goes well … and if it does not maybe 2011 is in the cards.

Meanwhile “all stop” is the byword in Parliament and Ottawa[that’s the capital of Canada, not Toronto – like Springfield is the capital of Illinois, not Chicago despite what politicians and businessmen there think]. But of course “all stop” is fairly close to the existing condition in Canadian government, so you can hardly blame the Conservatives for just declaring the status quo as a  2 1/2 month real vacation break. However, there are a few small problems with proroguing Parliament. All bills and committee work does not just stop but is completely lost, flushed down the crapper, not just put in limbo but truly dead and buried. It is like Microsoft’s Vista, a complete system reboot will be required in March [or whenever].  This means a surprising amount of Conservative government bills and business – but hey if you have to have a holiday, you gotta have a holiday. So now MPs will be able to attend the Olympic Torch Relay across Canada without having to worry about that nasty Torture in Afghanistan Inquiry… oops, let me restate that. Now Conservative MPs will be able to attend the Olympic Torch Relay across Canada without having to worry …

It is instructive to note when and how the proroguing moment was announced to the Canadian populace. The Conservatives chose the second to last day of the Time-designated decade from Hell [possibble further justification for a 2 1/2 month government vacation]. Ohh and it also just happened to be the day when Hockey obsessed Canadians found out [4 national networks providing coverage] what 23 players would be skating for National Pride in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. And on the next day [in case any hoser was waking up to the political mischief] the Canadian National Hockey Junior Team took on the dastard American Juniors … oops the US Hockey team in the World Junior Championships. But hey, Canadian media would not be hornswaggled by this bit of by-jingoism. See what the Toronto GropeandMale… strike that, Globeand Mail had to say. Okay then try the CBC.

Okay,okay so the Canadian Government is just starting to track the partisan incompetence of its Southern neighbors. No it has not yet seen fit to extend tax breaks to its wealthiest citizens for yet another year. No Canadian politicians have not yet ceded all power to the “Too Big to Fail” banks. But by golly, Canajuns politicians are surely trying to match the feats of their Southern Political counterparts … and this  2/1/2 month ‘vacation from work’ has all the hallmarks of a great Hoser innovation.

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