As the Season of Money Begins …

There is an interesting article in the Sports section of the New York Times. As the Jets pack up for the Season having just failed to be the Arizona Cardinals of this season – the Times Reporters ask what will the team need to make it to the top next season. And the analysis is complex because this next season there is likelyno salary cap in the NFL. In fact, working without a salary cap stands to make the unrestricted free-agent players very rich – and maybe the rookies a little less so.  What is fascinating is the thought the NFL has put into one capless season to guarantee parity and not money dominates in the NFL.  After this year the NFL will likely revert to a cap system. In a similar fashion, the national political election season is already upon the US – as all the members of the House and 1/3  of the Senate are up for re-election. And the US Supreme Court has made it a capless one as well – unlimited campaign funding allowed for all corporations and special interest groups. However, unlike the NFL, the US Supreme Court a)has not taken any thought or made any plans for the implementation of  its decision allowing for unlimited campaign financing and b)this decision is not for just one season.

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