Normally one would avoid using SCOTUS, as it suggests   genitalia or a social disease of the malbreeding ilk – rather than the Supreme Court of the United States. But the Supreme Court under the “enlightenment” of Chief Justice Roberts is routinely providing such bad decisions that maybe the implied epithets fit his Court. The most recent and  notable being under the guise of  individual freedom of speech, the Court is now allowing  unlimited funding by corporations, unions, and other special interest groups  for campaign contributions and/or lobbying. The Chief Justice wrote in favor of the collective or group being able “to speak with unlimited voice=money” without any reference to the approval by members of the group[or the degree of its unanimity] nor  to any need for disclosure of the actions of the special interest group. Given a Washington and other state capitals overrun with lobbyists and special interests,  this seems especially vacuous after the Financial Meltdown. In sum,  this ruling is worse than a thoughtless prank by Robert’s Court on the American public. So  the idea of  the Court being the source of an  implied social disease now seems befitting – and one awaits a few SCOTUS lines  in a Bill Maher or  Jay Leno monologue.

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