Russian Chill

Russia has done it again – moved to becoming a dysfunctional, failed state. In the 1900’s under the Czar Nicholas II, Russia made a belated charge towards modernization including dramatic political and economic development. But the there were so many disaffected groups within Russia and corruption was so rife that radicals and communists were able to sabotage the country’s progress in “Starve the Beast” fashion, and so all moves toward toward a stronger national union foundered. Russia in the early 2000s does not have so many disaffected nationalistic groups, having shed many in the breakup of the Soviet Union, but the move towards becoming a developed country is foundering badly with endemic political and economic corruption again being the prime mover.

The following report shows how Russia is being kicked out of the unofficial BRIC -Brazil Russia India and China virtual consortium of developing countries [although on climate change and nuclear questions BRIC countries appear to be acting somewhat in concert]. This report gives the details on how and why Indonesia is being advocated as a replacement to Russia. The arguments are diverse but what strikes ye Editor is the admitted widespread corruption and distinct lack of rule of law in Russia. This sentiment of investor’s distrust in Russia is echoed in the Russia’s upcoming appeal at the Davos meetings for greater foreign investment. Russia is seen as a kleptocracy, a bought state where political power and legal justice are open to the highest bidders. The US would do well to pay attention because the Banksters are increasingly flaunting the rule of law with political intimidation, immunity from prosecution and now unbridled and legal influence pedalling. True, it is primarily one group in the US, the Wall Street Big Banks, Hedge and Investment Funds. But more well financed interest groups such as the NRA have been able to make their causes and legal castles unassailable – political areas on the US ┬álandscape where either rule of law or civil reason do not apply. Russia is in the lead; but the US is moving up on the outside towards its own brand of a failed state.

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