Sustainable Mobility

Shell Oil, in an advertisement at the NYTimes, is promoting the website Energy Galaxy where the public is invited to address the question of sustainable energy for transportation == sustainable mobility. Somehow, the NYTimes is involved because there are prominent links to articles on the NYTimes website:

The problem is that just like back in the 1970’s after the first OPEC oil price surge, this may just be Palliative PR. One telling comment gets at the crux of the problem:

Sustainable mobility implies that the current uses of energy for transportation are NOT sustainable. So therefore Societies should raise the prices for the current transportation energy sources just enough to encourage the development and emergence of alternative and sustainable energy sources for transportation.. But The Problems are a)agreeing on what is just enough and b)developing a wide array of Sustainable Energy options. Since the late 1970’s the Oil and Gas companies have identified themselves as Energy companies but have not provided Sustainable Energy options that are very far from the Oil and Gas tree. Also society has shown a reluctance to accept higher prices but that is in part due to the fact that Energy companies have failed to consider/develop/embrace technologies outside their ken be it oil and gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, etc.

Will this forum address that conundrum? Or will society continue to spin around – each side saying the other has failed to produce meaningful ideas and progress. Only the Shadow knows what …….

On a very positive scale by Shell saying the words “Sustainable Mobility” one gets the notion that some portions of top management understand a key problem, like climate change, that is speeding down the road to a Mad Max World. But on the other hand there are bad signs as well – asking for a roster of personal info without clearly explaining what the info will be used for and what ” the registration” entitles registrants to. Also not encouraging is no participation by other Oil and Gas or energy and mobility companies like say Consolidated Edison or Ford Motor. And why such a prominent pitch for Shells contributions to a some Wildlife funds. In sum, Takethe5th will be watching Shell’s Energy Galaxy website over the next little while to see if it goes beyond Nowheresville – another PR misstep [or worse, an anti-electric car advocacy] by an industry who brought you the Prospect of Peak Energy.

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