The Yin and Yang of Flash Mobs

The Yin: Hallelujah for  Flash Mobs given this performance at a mall in Welland ON Canada:

This scene has been viewed over 27 million times on YouTube. Most popular of 2010.

Now Flash Mobs are organized events that take place most often in a public space usually involving a singing and/or dancing performance by dozens if not hundreds of participants who “spontaneously appear/materialize out of the crowd” dressed for the location and weather. They appear to be diners, commuters, vacationers – whatever the locale demands. Here is a sampling of recent Flash Mob scenes:

Most of these are arts groups working to promote their favorites or just on a whim. Inevitably marketing will get in on this – so expect to see ” Flash Sales Mobs” at tourist sites or during holidays in public places. Still innocent, fine and good. But then there is the Yang.

The Yang of Flash Mobs is spelled out here:

True, it is just a fictional account but based on some real “bad” Flash Mob events. The problem is that a disruptive group could use a Flash Mob performance to aid and abate their own agenda be it disruption, camouflaging distraction for their own deeds or to lure people onto a terror site. As the last video implies, perversion on a mission will use any and all means available to achieve its malignant ends.

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