Recipe for Domestic Terrorism

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ABC TV has a hokey drama called V which posits an invasion of the World[read Manhattan USA] by some advanced spacecraft born aliens[technologic superiority triumphs again] lead by a svelte supermodel[done in by beauty yet again]. But watch Ms Alien’s life-sucking dentures which appear when Ms Cool-n-Calculating loses her Cool. Of course they are here to breed among us and otherwise enslave those who haven’t already been subjugated to Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives and The Bachelor. This is another one of those Terror and Fear TV series made popular by FoxTV’s 24Hours which confirmed for Americans that Bush was right to invade Iraq, you just can’t trust those Muslim extremists – they are on the the job 24Hours and see what Jack Bauer can get done in one day – you must be a public service union member if you can’t match Jack . So what analogy does ABC’s V have to the current political scene?
Except a weak analogy with the Banksters, the 1% of the populace who are already slurping 25% of US Wealth , have secured the G.O.P. as trusted agents to protect to the last dying Elephant the Banksters  and their  tax breaks[Income and Estate taxes  already secured and onto cutting Corporate and Capital gains taxes which lavish tens of billions onto Hedge and Privaty Equity Banksters pay checks]. However, V has one telling truth at its core – the sense of desperation that is beginning to permeate sizable chunks of the population. Will this sense of desperation lead to anything intransigent ? Heavens know … and they aren’t telling; but this article on the debilitating effects of poverty and unemployment may provide some insights.

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