Why Obama and Romney Ain’t Your Man

One can almost hear the wailing Blues line – “Why Obama and Romney Ain’t Your Man”. It has a haunting truth to it as it careens around your head to a pulsing back beat. Day after day the the obvious becomes a refrain ever louder. These dudes aren’t going to do anything about the Financial Mess gripping the country. $1 trillion in Student Loan Debt. $7trillion loss in home values since 2007   representing 33% decline in housing value – the old financier for the economy.  There are housing debt reduction solutions which get ignored.  So that leaves  about 4 million foreclosures yet to clear the housing backlog while interest rates to the major banks are at an extraordinary 0% continuing for an equally extraodinary 4th year. Hey you should do up with the Banksters.

Hey and leave those financial executives alone, man. Don’t touch their compensation levels, taxes, or culpability in the debacle. Let the savviest of banksters blow $2billion in the Derivatives Gambling Den. .. and you know nothing will be done. Neither Obama  nor Romney have any say against the Bankster Man. Hey dude, these guys are out getting a billion a piece from  Banksters and friends. The tune is rearing up again in my brain in 16 tonnish:

16 tons and I ‘m deeper in debt
St Peter don’t ya call me

Cause I  cant go
I owe my soul to the Bankers role…

And  Obama and Romney aint your Man
Cause they owe their souls to the Bankster Man.


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